As a member of High Sport, you are entitled to climb at the walls or the cave whenever and as much as you like. The main door is always closed, so you can get into the tower by borrowing a key from a board member. We also support the climbing activity of our members in many other ways. You might want to take a look at our member evenings and other benefits we have for members only. 

After you have taken your first steps in climbing, you are welcome to join us at High Sport climbing trips - they are open for everyone, from rookies to pros. As a member, you can also participate our climbing courses for half price. Courses are a great way to develop your monkey instincts and skills. 

The operation of High Sport is based on our active members, who secure the climbers during group and public sessions.We hope that all our members take part in this activity. Please read more about securing climbers and how to operate at the tower.