Getting there

It's very easy to get to Vaasa, whether you're traveling by buss, train or airplane. You can even take a cruise fro Sweden. If you have your own car, you can et your navigator to guide you to address Kuninkaankartanontie 30. Specific address is Kuninkaankartanontie 30 A. This address will lead you to the parking area of the festival. 

If you use public transportation, here are your options to get to the Pet Cemetary: 

- Busses of the local public transport are for those who have a little bit of Indiana Jones in them. There might not be any life threatning obstacles, but moving around with these busses can be sometimes difficult. The English page is quite poor, so this is how what we know: lines 4, 7 and 9 bring you right next to our festival area. The closest bus stop (pysäkki) is Runsorintie / Svenska Yrkesinstitutet (494). 

- A taxi is a safe option, and if you arrive by plane and can't get a ride from someone, also your only option. ottaa taksin. You can get a taxi from +358 6 100 411 or +358 600 30011. 

- You can also post on the event wall and ask if you could share a ride with somene. If the situation looks imposible, you can also ask help from us: vaasaboulderfest(a)

- You can also rent a car. Google can give you the best support with this one.